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Low-poly Colon

This low-poly image began as an experiment, but ended as a successful piece of artwork. Practical applications? Maybe just as an entertaining visual for patient education.

Church Committee Logo (proposed)

This graphic is a proposed logo design for a local church committee; the group oversees the upkeep of buildings and landscaping around the church campus.

Virus Release (test)

This animation is a test of how to show viruses bursting from a bacterial cell. The complete animation can be viewed here: 

Bacteriophage Sheath (test)

This animation is a test of the proposed method for making/animating a quick, simple, dynamic bacteriophage protein covering. The complete animation can be viewed here: 

Moving stool through the colon…

This animation is the sum of the thinking behind animating poop… It is a crude representation of the process, but main idea of the journey is still there.

Dog X-ray Interpretation

The completed x-ray color interpretation of my dog. She is so tiny, and has so many bones.

Dog X-ray Interpretation

My current endeavor to interpret my dog’s X-rays through illustrations.